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Be Free #befree

As winter starts its chill, what better time to rug up, stay cosy and get up to speed with some fascinating stories, insights and even a RealAge™ test. And as the long-awaited rain looks like it’s finally arrived to many dry parts of New Zealand, we’re giving away 20 very special Blunt umbrellas to celebrate!


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The benefits of Trauma Multi

Major traumas like cancer, heart attack or stroke can have a massive impact on you and your family. And in a worst-case scenario, you might experie...

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The science of smiles

How friendships benefit your health. by Rose Hayes We call them best pals because they know us best – our good points, our bad points and all the...

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Ready to discover your RealAge?

By Beth Carson The last birthday you celebrated may not have been all that it seemed. That’s because the biological age of your body can be quite...

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Cover you can count on

Born in New Zealand, Blunt has changed the humble umbrella forever. Tough, safe and beautifully designed, these are umbrellas made to work in all w...

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Sam's story

When you're young, fit and healthy, ‘it’ll never happen to me’ is a common reason to avoid getting life insurance. But Sam’s story proves that a li...

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Martin's story

It’s important to be grateful for everything we have. Martin is an amazing example of this, and in this short film, we are inspired by yet another...

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Protecting your way of life

We’re launching a new-look brand that focuses on protecting the New Zealand way of life.  Events in the world have got us all living in the presen...

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20 minutes of movement

These 14 moves are simple, low intensity ways of stretching and strengthening. It’ll only take 20 minutes and you can do it in pretty much any room...

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Mike's story

As if cycling the 3,000km length of New Zealand wasn’t daunting enough, how would you feel about completing the journey in less than 30 days, compl...

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