Five simple ways to feel better about uncertainty.

Five simple ways to feel better about uncertainty.

If the last few years have taught us anything it’s that life loves to throw curveballs. We’ve all learned the art of being adaptable, but constant change can be overwhelming and leave you feeling at a loss to certainty. Having insurance organised is a big way of future proofing and preparing for the unexpected. Here are some small and simple ways that you can feel better about uncertainty, as soon as today:


  1. Curate positive online content for yourself.

We know, it’s hard to start your day phone free but why not let the first thing you see be something that uplifts you? Purposefully search for something that inspires you or warms your heart. Try to limit the amount of time you spend with content that may cause you to worry or feel out of control. It’s important to be informed, but you don’t need to be involved.


  1. Coin jar concept.

Piggy banks are largely a thing of the past, but you can apply the concept to your online banking. Round down your available funds to the nearest $5 or $10 and transfer the ‘loose change’ to a different account. You’ll be amazed to see how quickly the odd dollars and cents stack up to create a small savings fund ready for when you need it. Several banking services in New Zealand have an option to automate this process.


  1. Schedule your week.

Apply this to things that you’re excited about; socialising, exercise and you time, as well as things you know you avoid. Schedule life admin hours in your week for financial dates (review, make payments, plan and set goals) or to tackle that ever-expanding junk drawer. When you’re feeling overwhelmed with the hard to dos, knowing you’ve set aside time next Thursday at 7pm to address an issue will help you feel on top of things and stop worrying now.


  1. Be prepared to pivot.

When organising catch ups with friends and family have a plan b in mind. If dinner plans are impacted by things outside of your control, try a virtual dinner or virtual games night. Maintaining connections is vital for feeling part of a community.


  1. Pause and pay attention.

With more time spent at home we have the option to rewire our routines to give space to reflection. Perhaps this means bringing out the dusty tea pot and using the brewing time to pause and appreciate your environment. Or those spare moments that were once occupied with the morning commute, to acknowledge your feelings and recognise the efforts as well as the efforts you’re making to drive positive change.


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