Cancer companion.

Cancer companion.

Empowering your cancer journey with control, confidence and care.

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Meet Cancer companion.

Personalised support that equips you to navigate your diagnosis with control, confidence and care.

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What does it do?

Cancer companion complements your existing treatment plans with a holistic, evidence-based approach1, giving you options to formulate a lifestyle response, access world-leading cancer specialists and be supported through one-on-one counselling.  

We’re working in partnership with Osara Health and Teladoc Health to bring this to you.

Find out how to enrol.

1 Source: & This data is extracted from our partner Osara Health (formerly known as CancerAid) in relation to their Cancer Coach Program in Australia

How does it help?

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Cancer Coach.

Get one-on-one support and personalised education from a dedicated Osara Health Coach. Your Coach will motivate and empower you to take action and make decisions on lifestyle factors such as sleep, diet, exercise and mindfulness by introducing you to real-world coping strategies.

The Osara Health app assists you to track your symptoms and monitor your responses to treatment, so these can be shared with your doctor.

Connect with the community app feature to access articles and learn from others who have also experienced a cancer diagnosis and what’s helped them. 

Second Medical Opinion

Second Medical Opinion.

Global experts review your medical information and provide assessment of your diagnosis and treatment plan.

You’ll be connected to the Teladoc Health network of world-leading cancer specialists, who’ll provide an easy-to-understand report to be shared with you and your treating doctors.

Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support.

Teladoc Health’s network of New Zealand-registered mental health professionals provide you fast, confidential, virtual therapy in the comfort of your own home.

The one-on-one therapy sessions help you deal with the stress and uncertainty of what you’re now facing and provide practical strategies to help deal with the mental load.

Therapy sessions give you time to ask questions, communicate your emotions and have someone to talk to and listen.

You’ll have access to 3 sessions in total and be able to access your first within 10-business days of your intake call.

Access Cancer companion.

If you have a Fidelity Life trauma cover and a cancer diagnosis, you can speak to your adviser or click the link below to enrol.

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Please see the Terms and Conditions for more information on eligibility criteria.

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