Insurance 101.

Insurance 101.

The ins and outs of life insurance can be hard to get your head around. But no worries – we've put together this Insurance 101 toolkit to make it easier.

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Discover your options in 5 simple questions.

Find out what cover types might be right for you.

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Who are you looking to protect?

What's your job status?

What's your living situation?

Any debts or mortgage you'd like taken care of if you died?

Any savings to get you by if you got sick or injured & had to stop working?

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Life insurance basics.

What Is Life Insurance (1)

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is designed to protect you and your family’s financial wellbeing.

Why Get Life Insurance (1)

Why get life insurance?

Life insurance is like a financial safety net for you and your family.

What Types

Types of life insurance.

Find out about the 4 main types of life insurance.

A Look At The What Ifs (1)

A look at the 'what-if's.

Life is unpredictable. Luckily, there are ways to protect your financial future.

Getting started.

How To Shop (1)

How to shop for life insurance.

Your handy checklist to help out when you’re looking for life insurance.

How Much Life Insurance

How much life insurance cover might I need?

There’s a lot to consider - this article should help to get you started.

Do We Offer

Do we offer the best NZ life insurance? You decide.

Of all the major life insurance brands in NZ, find out what makes us different.


5 myths about life insurance.

We’ve busted 5 life insurance myths to help you understand your options.

Life insurance by age.

Life Insurance In My 20S

Life insurance in my 20s.

Advancing your career? Moving in with a partner? Flatting with friends?

Life Insurance In My 30S

Life insurance in my 30s.

Is life getting serious? Maybe it’s time for life insurance.

Life Insurance In My 40S

Life insurance in my 40s.

People in their 40s often consider life insurance to protect their dependents.

Life Insurance In My 50S

Life insurance in my 50s.

In your 50s, what risks can you help balance out with life insurance?

Life insurance by life stage.

First Time Home Buyers

Life insurance for first time home buyers.

Find out why buying a home and getting life insurance often go hand in hand.

For Newly Weds

Life insurance for newly-weds.

Getting more serious with a partner can raise the question of life insurance.

For New Parents

Life insurance for new parents.

The question of life insurance often pops up as soon as a baby arrives.

For Single Income Families

Life insurance for single income families.

Life insurance can be a financial safety net for single income families.

Life Insurance For Young People

Life insurance for young adults.

Life insurance is something you may think is for your future self. But life happens.

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Do I Need Mortgage (1)

Do I need mortgage protection insurance?

It's designed to help pay your rent or mortgage when you’re sick or injured.

Do I Need Income (1)

Do I need income protection cover?

It's designed to pay if you're unable to work due to sickness or injury.

Do I Need Trauma (1)

Do I need trauma cover?

It's designed to pay if you’re diagnosed with a health condition specified in the policy.

When Does Life Cover Pay Out

When does life cover pay out?

In addition to paying out if you die, life cover can pay out when you’re still alive.

Why Do You Get (1)

Why do you get life insurance premium increases?

Understand why your annual life insurance premium increases.


Finding a life insurance company that cares about NZ.

Fidelity Life is getting in behind projects that support New Zealanders.

Most Valuable Asset

Protecting your most valuable asset – your income.

For most of us, the ability to earn an income is our greatest asset.

Controlling Cost

How to keep control of the cost of your life insurance.

As life changes, so can your insurance. See what you can do to control costs.

Underwriting Thumbnail

How does underwriting affect my life insurance?

Learn what underwriting is and how it can affect the cost of your cover. 

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