Do we offer the best NZ life insurance? You decide.

Do we offer the best NZ life insurance? You decide.

Are you looking for the best NZ life insurance?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re in the market for life insurance. Something big has happened in your world (like buying a house, getting married or having a baby) that can make the mind wonder and think about getting some sort of financial protection, for what may happen in the future.

Like all decisions, doing a bit of research online, usually reveals a shortlist of possibilities.

It’s important to remember when looking for the best NZ life insurance company - one size doesn’t fit all. So getting expert advice from a financial adviser can be a smart move. When you’re looking at your options for which NZ life insurance company to go for, here’s a few things that maybe good to know about us, Fidelity Life: 

1. We’re New Zealand’s largest locally-owned life insurer.

Of all the major life insurance brands in New Zealand, including the Top 10 life insurance companies in New Zealand, we’re the largest locally-owned option. We’re New Zealand owned and operated and our business decisions are made for New Zealanders by New Zealanders, who know about our unique way of life. Our largest shareholders are the NZ Super Fund and Ngāi Tahu Holdings. These New Zealand organisations have long term, multi-generational investment horizons and, like us, care deeply about protecting future generations of New Zealanders.

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2. 50 years of protecting New Zealanders.

Fidelity Life was founded in 1973 and 2023 is our 50th birthday. We've been around long enough to have a proven record for helping New Zealanders when life doesn't go to plan. By the end of our last financial year (30-June 2022), we’re protecting the lives of more than 375,000 New Zealanders, as their life insurance company.

3. We were founded by New Zealanders.

When our founders Gordon and Shirley Watson started Fidelity Life, their vision was to build a New Zealand-owned and controlled company. A life insurance specialist for his entire career, Gordon put everything he knew into making Fidelity Life the company it is today.

4. We pay claims.

In our last financial year, we accepted 93% of new claims we received. Learn more about the claims we've paid. We're here for our customers when they need us most, taking care of the big ‘what ifs’, such as what if I get an illness for an ongoing period of time and can’t work? What if I get cancer? Or what if I die early leaving loved ones behind?

5. We have an excellent financial rating.

In New Zealand all insurers must have a financial strength rating from an approved rating agency – either AM Best, Standard and Poor’s or Fitch. Since 1996 we’ve maintained our AM Best A- (Excellent) financial strength rating, which points to our ability to pay claims. The scale of which the rating forms part of, is available for inspection at our office, or on our website. 

6. We’ve paid out more than a billion dollars to our customers.

Our purpose is to provide certainty for a more rewarding life. We do this by offering insurance cover for events like serious sickness, injury and death. Since we were established back in the 1970s, we’ve paid out more than $1.4 billion in claims.

7. Our products are designed for New Zealand.

Because we’re NZ-based, our products are made here with New Zealanders in mind. When you search ‘compare life insurance nz’, remember that our products (life cover, income protection cover, trauma cover, to name a few) have been developed for New Zealanders, by New Zealanders. Learn more about types of life insurance we offer. 

8. Working towards a lower carbon future.

We’ve proudly joined New Zealand’s journey towards a lower carbon future with the achievement of Toitū carbonreduce certification. We’ve measured our greenhouse gas emissions, in accordance with global best practice, and are continually finding ways to shrink our carbon footprint. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives. 

To answer the question ‘are we the best life insurance company in NZ for you’, we recommend you work with a financial adviser, who can develop a plan that is based on your needs.

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DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this article is a summary of the key points of the insurance cover(s) mentioned and is general in nature. This article does not constitute a financial advice service. All covers are subject to the definitions, standard exclusions/limitations, terms and conditions contained in the full policy documentation which is available from Fidelity Life or your financial adviser who holds a Distribution Agreement with Fidelity Life. All applications for cover are subject to underwriting criteria.