The great staycation.

The great staycation.

Love the place you live this summer.

This summer, an exotic vacation won’t be on everyone’s cards. If you’re staying local, embrace all your city has to offer, explore your neighbourhood and do something different.   


Camp in your own backyard.  

Know someone with a tent? Borrow it! Set up camp in the backyard, eat outdoors, star gaze and toast marshmallows. Don’t forget the insect repellent!   


House swap. 

If you’ve got friends who are also stay-cationing this summer, suggest a house swap. This is a great idea if your locations differ – if you’re a city slicker try a swap with those in rural areas. The change of scenery will be refreshing.   


Go slow.  

Staying at home doesn’t mean staying in the fast pace of earlier months. Take it easy, wake up late, make the morning coffee last longer – instead of opting for to-go, avoid shortcuts, siesta in the afternoon and enjoy the long summer evenings.   


Challenge yourself. 

Set a goal to strive towards during your summer break. It could be a fitness goal, learning a new language, a new skill or kicking a bad habit before the year ends. Pairing up with a friend or family member/s will help keep you on track and motivated.   


Be a tourist in your town. 

Take in your town through fresh eyes. Check out events in your neighbourhood, visit the local attractions or venture down streets or areas you’ve not yet explored. Take a tiki tour on public transport or try walking - you’ll see more on foot!  


Eat from abroad.  

Challenge your family, flat-mates or friends to a plate from another place competition. Learn a classic dish from a new cuisine, dress up in the authentic outfits and celebrate exploring international without the need for a passport.   


And remember…wear sunscreen. 

The number 1 essential for a successful summer, no matter where you are.  Wherever you’re going, keep safe in the sun and wear sunscreen.