A nostalgic summer.

A nostalgic summer.

Take the kids back to your childhood and share the activities you loved.  

Show them how summers used to be spent, with these family fun activities that make the most of the long days outdoors.  


Play the good old-fashioned games. 

Spend away the summer hours playing water games, lawn games or parlour games. They’re great family fun and most cost nothing at all to play. Try out some of the classics:  Marco Polo, stuck in the mud, duck, duck goose and charades 


Go on a nature treasure hunt.  

Map your holiday adventures through a collection of found treasures – shells, leaves, stones, sand from each beach. Then get creative in preserving those summer memoires – make shell windchimes, terrariums or sand capsule jars.   


Start a little business. 

Lemonade stands, to dog-walking or car-washing - kids will love learning how to earn or borrow money for supplies, make their product and negotiate a deal. Then comes the exciting part – spending their hard-earned cash.   


Play beach bingo.  

This is a great way for kids to build awareness of the world around them or learn about sun and sea safety. Make a simple beach bingo game and compete to see who can spot the most seaside sights.   

For those of you on the road, there’s alsoa New Zealand Road Trip Bingo version available.   


Create an exciting new place with them.  

A bedroom makeover, a tree-hut in the garden or a secret den. Think past the blanket fort, activate those DIY skills and create a magical place they can call their own. Some great ideas include: cardboard igloos, bunkbed houses, and wardrobe craft/study space.