Making every dollar count.

Making every dollar count.

Right now, food prices seem to be going up and up. If you’re looking for ways to be a little savvier in your kitchens, we’ve gathered 5 ways to help you do just that.  


Meal plan.

Meal planning is a great way to help you stay on track with your spending. Make it a household activity, to generate ‘buy in’ around mealtime. Inspire your younger generations to start cooking and create meaningful connection at the dinner table.


Shop once per week.

Those quick trips to the supermarket for 1 ingredient, almost always lead us to leave with a basket full. Check your pantry and fridge items in advance, write a shopping list of only what you need and don’t go food shopping on an empty stomach.


Eliminate waste.

Store your food correctly the get the most out of it. A great way to extend the fridge life of your vegetables is to place them between paper towels in a container or Ziplock bag. 


How to cut back on takeaways.

Factor in an easy to make meal once a week, to avoid relying on the convenience of takeaways. New Zealand favourite Food in a minute is a great source for recipes and can be filtered down to as little as 15-mins or less. 


Befriend your freezer.  

Cook larger portions of meals and freeze half for later. For variety, pair up with a friend or family member and split your freezer meals in half. You could even make a day of it and cook together. Take advantage of cheaper bulk prices and go halves on the total cost.