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As Spring edges in after a long wet winter and COVID-19 keeps us on our toes, it looks like masks will become a part of everyday life in New Zealand. You’ll have seen a lot of news about this – so we’ve decided to give you a quick refresher on why we need them and how they work.


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Sam's story

When you're young, fit and healthy, ‘it’ll never happen to me’ is a common reason to avoid getting life insurance. But Sam’s story proves that a li...

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Martin's story

It’s important to be grateful for everything we have. Martin is an amazing example of this, and in this short film, we are inspired by yet another...

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Mike's story

As if cycling the 3,000km length of New Zealand wasn’t daunting enough, how would you feel about completing the journey in less than 30 days, compl...

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David's story

“It’s certainly a journey that one doesn’t expect to take and you have to learn to adapt”. While preparing to move into their dream home in the co...

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John's story

Running a 172-hectare dairy farm requires an around the clock commitment.  Beyond the daily milking regime, there’s everything from fencing, machin...

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Pom and Maude's story

When the Edwards family were given the opportunity to operate their own food distribution business, they were excited at the prospects ahead. It m...

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Therese's story

It’s often said there’s power in positive thinking. Wellington real estate agent Therese believes it.  She’s definitely a glass half full person a...

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Frances' story

It's fair to say that some people just don't see the need for life insurance. But don’t suggest that to Waihi resident Frances Flaherty. "I get qu...

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Leilani and Richard's story

Leilani and Richard were a typical hard working couple.  They were in their 50s, enjoying life together and working hard to get their mortgage paid...

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