David's story.

David's story.

“It’s certainly a journey that one doesn’t expect to take and you have to learn to adapt”.

While preparing to move into their dream home in the countryside outside Whangarei, the last thing David Seymour expected was to be diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.

For David the devastating diagnosis was difficult to get his head around and the impact on his family has been hard, but David still sees himself as lucky. He hasn’t deteriorated too quickly and is still walking outside with the help of a walking frame where other people haven’t been as fortunate.

“The insurance and having the claim processed has given us reassurance that we’re financially secure”.

While Motor Neurone Disease will slowly leave David unable to move, eat and eventually breath, his insurance has meant he has been able to stay in his home and his family will be taken care of. The process of making the claim was made incredibly easy with the support of the Fidelity Life Claims Team who David has described as fantastic, within three days of submitting his claim, the payment was in his account.

While the journey is unexpected, David is grateful for the reassurance his insurance has given and has chosen to stay positive about the time he has left with his family and friends.