Actions to help you stay fit and healthy.

Actions to help you stay fit and healthy.

With the cooler months truly upon us it’s important to ensure that we’re fighting fit for seasonal changes and placing good attention on our health. Keep it easy and achievable with these four actions:


1. Move.

This doesn’t need to be an ambitious goal. Try to incorporate simple, do-able movement into your day; stretches, climbing the stairs, parking further away to extend your walk, even dancing whilst doing the dishes. The impact of endorphins is contagious; you’ll feel great both in body and mind!


2. Nourish.

Be sure to boost your immunity by adding healthy foods, rich in vitamins and minerals to your diet.

  • Iron: red meat, legumes, tofu.
  • Vitamin C: citrus, tomatoes, kumara.
  • Vitamin D: mushrooms, Salmon, egg yolks (and don’t forget to spend time in the sunshine).
  • Vitamin E: almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds.
  • Zinc: whole grains, fortified cereals, dark chocolate.


3. Laugh.

As they say, it’s the best medicine. Boost your mood and immunity with a giggle or full roaring belly laugh. Connecting with loved ones, tune your media content to the comedy genre or give laughing yoga a go. Laugh loud and laugh together.


4. Rest.

If you only do one thing, do this. The busy-ness of modern life can often cause us to neglect rest and recuperation. Sleep is vital in allowing our bodies to recover from the day and for strengthening our immune system. Try nodding off 15 minutes earlier than you normally do or give weekend siestas a go. For those who struggle with sleep, talk to your health practitioner about options that may help you achieve a better night’s sleep.

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