Give your winter health a boost with Mānuka honey.

Give your winter health a boost with Mānuka honey.

We’re proud to be a New Zealand business with values rooted in the land, the people and our connection to nature. We’re always keen to shine the spotlight on other local businesses that share similar values, so our focus and competition prize this month come from Mānuka Health.

Mānuka Health’s mission is to inspire a reconnection with nature to help people be at their natural best, everyday. At the heart of their range is their Mānuka honey – a special honey that is unique to New Zealand and widely recognised around the world for its remarkable natural properties.  Mānuka Health, founded nearly 20 years ago, has really put New Zealand Mānuka honey on the world map with their pioneering of the MGO testing and grading for Mānuka – MGO – (which stands for methylglyoxal), which is a naturally occurring compound in Mānuka honey that is responsible for its potency and special properties.

Furthermore, as beekeepers and advocates of natural wellbeing, sustainability and environmental responsibility are at the very heart of what they do. Mānuka Health are committed to making their New Zealand bee products sustainably. This means never compromising on the health of the bees, and ensuring they maintain the pristine beauty of New Zealand nature for generations to come. In fact Mānuka Health are committed to planting 5 million Mānuka trees by 2025.

Health-aware people use Mānuka Health’s MGO honey as a natural boost, a winter wellbeing remedy or as a wholefood alternative to refined sugar – simply eat straight from the spoon or add to warm water, tea or your favourite breakfast! 

Managed from headquarters in Auckland, Mānuka Health is made up of a growing team of dedicated specialists - about 1.5 billion bees and 220 humans. We think it’s great to see a locally-bred company enjoying international success that’s tied to a uniquely New Zealand renewable natural resource.

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