Total and permanent disability cover for business.

Total and permanent disability cover for business.

Cash support if working isn’t an option.

What is Total and permanent disability cover?

This Total and permanent disability (TPD) policy can help make sure that the business can have the financial support to help make the right decisions for the future. For example, if a transfer of shareholdings is needed if the insured person become totally and permanently disabled and are no longer able to work in the business. You can take it with Life insurance or take it as a stand-alone.

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  • Entry age for the insured person is from age 16 to 64.
  • Your insurance ends at age 100, if you keep paying your premium.
  • You can pay fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.
  • You can choose to help protect your cover against inflation by having the amount you’re insured for increase each year.
  • There are two types of payments; age-rated payments fixed for one year at a time, and normally increase in line with age, OR level term payments which are fixed for the life of the policy.
  • Talk to an adviser about the right amount of cover for you.
  • You can have TPD cover as a standalone product or added as an accelerated benefit that’s taken from your Business life cover policy – ask us how.
Read our TPD cover for business customer brochure.

More about Total and permanent disability cover.

  • What is it?
  • Why should you get it?
  • What’s the deal?
  • Anything else?

What is it?

TPD is paid out if the insured person becomes totally and permanently disabled and are unable to work.

Why should you get it?

Well the responsibilities, debts and bills won't stop even if you or a key person can’t work – and the future of your business might be at stake.

What’s the deal?

You pay an amount of money (called a ‘premium’) for a policy. The policy is a contract so you know exactly what we’ll pay out for. If you keep paying for your insurance with us, and the policy terms and conditions have been met, we’ll pay out for everything we agreed.

Anything else?

You’re insured even after retirement age so that if you are still working in your business – your policy keeps working for you. It’s important to note though that if you’re not working, or you’re over the age of 70, the definition of what totally permanently disabled means does change. Take a look at the info sheet for more details.

With business growth comes increased risk. You can increase the value of a person’s cover when certain financial changes happen in the business before the age of 55 without needing to give us medical evidence (check out the TPD info sheet for details as there are a few conditions).

Questions? Start here.

We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about this cover.
For a good overview of the ins and outs, it’s worth reading the factsheet.

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