Is it time for a review?

Is it time for a review?

For most people, the decision to get insurance protection is inspired by times of change. In other words, something significant happens that makes us think we need a backup plan – like a friend or family member suffering an unexpected health event, buying a first house, getting married, starting a business or having a child.

But life never stops changing, which is why it’s important to review your cover regularly – ideally, every year. When you look back at the past 12-months, it’s likely all sorts of things have happened. We’re in a pandemic, for a start. At the end of 2019, nobody saw that one coming!


Here’re a few reasons you might want to consider reviewing your life insurance:

  • Starting a new job or a having a change in your employment status.
  • Moving in with a partner.
  • Getting married.
  • Separating from your partner or getting divorced.
  • Buying a new home or investment property.
  • Having children.
  • Your kids are no longer financially dependent on you.
  • Going into business for yourself.
  • Expanding or purchasing an existing business.
  • A mortgage has been paid off.
  • You’re worrying about the impact of any possible future health impacts may have on your family, lifestyle or business.
  • You have stopped smoking or had an improvement in an underlying health condition, letting us know this may reduce your premium.


It’s worth checking-in with your adviser to see if your cover is up to date - especially if anything’s changed in your life or business recently. There’s no charge for a review, however if you increase or change your cover it will alter the amount you pay.


*The information provided is general in nature. It is not financial advice and was not written by a financial expert. If you require financial advice, you should contact a professional financial adviser for assistance.