Two advisers share their Outward Bound experience - video.

Two advisers share their Outward Bound experience - video.

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2 May 2023

Two advisers are raving about their experience on a 5-Day Outward Bound Professional course after being given a subsidised placement through New Zealand’s largest locally owned life insurer, Fidelity Life.

Last month Laken Gollop from Financial Independence in Tauranga, and Jamie Norton of RMA Financial, based in Blenheim, completed their respective 5-Day professional courses in stunning Anakiwa in the Marlborough Sounds and are now applying the lessons from the outdoors to their daily lives.

“I came to Outward Bound to see how far I could push myself mentally and physically,” says Jamie. 

The five days in Anakiwa are kept deliberately vague, but the course is filled with outdoor adventures to push people outside of their comfort zones. Using experiential challenges in the mountains, bush, and water - such as sailing and high ropes – Outward Bound create unique learning outcomes that last a lifetime and help individuals realise their potential.

A lasting impression both advisers reflected on was their 20-hour visit to the bush, alone.

“It was great to just have some time to ourselves, without any distractions. It was awesome to just have that clarity of time to think,” says Jamie. 

“It was enlightening, fun and challenging and I learnt a little bit about myself while I was alone on the solo course - it was cool,” recounts Laken.

Fidelity Life Head of Distribution Mel Beattie says it was fantastic to see the value advisers were getting out of the course.

“Helping advisers realise their potential and witnessing the growth in their resilience, adaptability, self-awareness and confidence from a just week away in Anakiwa has been extraordinary.

“We’ve already received feedback on how these valuable lessons are being incorporated into their lives, and we’re excited to witness the long-lasting impact of this learning journey on the advisers and their businesses,” says Mel.

For more on Laken and Jamie’s Outward Bound experience, check out this video

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