Key person cover for farmers.

Key person cover for farmers.

Peace of mind for those new to farming.

What is Key person cover for farmers?

If you’re new to farming, Key person for farmers is the financial safeguard that’s right for you. Specially designed for those who have more recently taken over ownership or management of a farm it can help provide support if a key worker is struck down by sickness or injury that means they can’t work.

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  • Entry age for the insured person is from age 16 to 59.
  • Provided you keep paying your premium, your insurance ends when the insured person reaches age 65 or when they’re no longer employed on the farm.
  • You can pay fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.
  • You can choose to ‘inflation proof’ your cover by having the amount you’re insured for increase each year.
  • Insurance is age related, with premiums fixed for one year at a time.
  • The maximum monthly payout is $9,000 per month (subject to financial and medical assessment).
  • One year benefit period.
  • Talk to an adviser about the right amount of cover for you.
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More about Key person cover for farmers.

  • What is it?
  • Why should you have it?
  • What’s the deal?
  • Anything else?

What is it?

Key person for farmers is especially designed for new or young farm owners, managers, sharemilkers and contract milkers. It also helps cover the cost of a replacement for up to a year if disability or illness strikes the farmer or a key employee. To apply, farmers only need 12 months’ experience and must meet other revenue and ownership criteria.

Why should you have it?

It helps to keep your farm running smoothly, while taking the pressure off. You can use the payout for any business costs you choose while you or your key worker is off sick or injured.

What’s the deal?

You pay an amount of money (called a ‘premium’) for a policy. The policy is a contract so you know exactly what we’ll pay out for. If you keep paying for your insurance with us, and the policy terms have been met, we’ll pay out for everything we agreed.

If you are no longer employed on the farm for more than 60 days for reasons other than for a claim, then this cover ends.

Anything else?

Key person for farmers must be owned by the farm entity.

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