We've made 40+ upgrades to our policies.

We've made 40+ upgrades to our policies.

This winter we introduced more than 40 upgrades to our policies to make sure they remain relevant for today’s medical and lifestyle trends.

The good news is that the upgrades apply to life assurance, trauma, total and permanent disability and income protection covers for most new and existing customers, so it’s worth checking with your adviser to see if you benefit1.

The highlights

Heart attack

We’ve upgraded the wording of our heart attack definition to align it with the words you’d hear from a cardiologist. This means it’ll be easier to know if you’re covered.


We’ve upgraded our cancer definition so it’s clear which cancers are covered, including extending the definition to include melanomas from 1mm in size. We’ve also made it easier to understand when and how you’ll be paid if you need to make a claim.

Trauma Multi

We’ve clarified our Trauma Multi wording so it’s clear you can make multiple claims for the same trauma condition where it’s unrelated to the original claim.

New Terminal Illness Partial Benefit

Some conditions are considered terminal, yet still have a life expectancy of greater than 12 months. So we’ve added a new Terminal Illness Partial Benefit to our life assurance cover which allows for a partial payment to help you enjoy a better quality of life than you might have otherwise expected.

These upgrades show that we’re committed to ensuring your policy continues to provide the insurance protection you and your family need, now and into the future.

To find out more about the upgrades and if they apply to you, speak to your adviser.

1 Upgrades apply to Platinum Plus, Platinum Plus Level Term and Mortgage Protector issued from 28 May 2018, and to existing Platinum Plus, Platinum Plus Level Term, Mortgage Protector, Lumley and Protection plan policies sold on or after 1 April 2001, provided the customer was not suffering from a pre-existing condition from 28 May 2018