3-months free Terms and Conditions.

3-months free Terms and Conditions.

Three months ‘Premium Free’ Offer Terms and Conditions

Three months ‘Premium Free’ Offer Terms and Conditions

May – August 2024

Offer Period: 1 May 2024 – 31 August 2024 (inclusive).

Eligible Policy means a new policy in respect of the following on sale Fidelity Life products (only): Platinum Plus, Platinum Plus Level Term, Mortgage Protector and/or NZHL Life Products.

Offer: The first three months' premiums will be waived for an Eligible Policy that comes into force where the illustration for that Eligible Policy is generated within the Offer Period, and the application in respect of that illustration is submitted within 30 days of the illustration having been generated. Additionally, the Eligible Policy must be issued within 6 months of the Offer Period end date.

In all cases, an amount equal to three months' premiums will be credited to the Eligible Policy. The three month period will be calculated from the date of policy issuance and will be applied to the Policy's premium payments based on the selected payment frequency.

This means that:

  • For monthly payments, the first 3 regular premiums will be waived.
  • For fortnightly payments, the first 6 and a half regular payments will be waived, which means the first payment the customer makes will be reduced by half.
  • For quarterly payments, the first payment will be waived.
  • For half-yearly payments, half of the first payment will be waived.
  • For annual payments, one quarter of the annual payment will be waived.

Customers paying by direct debit and credit card will automatically have their premium payments adjusted for the Offer. Customers paying by other means will be charged the net premium.  For all customers the free premium amount cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash.

For the avoidance of doubt:

  • The Offer does not include reinstatement of a policy or cover.
  • The replacement of any existing policy currently with Fidelity Life is not included in the Offer.
  • Any changes made to an existing policy such as adding a cover, increasing cover, or adding a person are not included.
  • Group continuation options are included.
  • Applications are subject to Fidelity Life's usual requirements including acceptance and underwriting criteria.
  • Any illustrations generated before or after the Offer Period are excluded from the Offer. Additionally, any eligible applications where the policy does not complete or is not issued within six months of the Offer Period end date are also excluded.
  • The three months free premium includes both the premium (which includes any loadings after underwriting) and policy fee.
  • The three month free period applies from the date of policy issuance regardless of any alteration made to the policy in the three month period. Where the premium payable is changed in the three month free period the altered premium will be covered by the three month free offer but the free period will not be altered.
  • The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other Fidelity Life premium price offer unless otherwise advised by Fidelity Life.

The Offer is limited to the circumstances set out above. Other than as set out above, Fidelity Life does not give any representation as to the removal or amendment of any fees or expenses or otherwise.  

Fidelity Life reserves the right to exclude customers from the Offer in situations where they have not met the eligibility requirements set out in these terms and conditions. Fidelity Life reserves the right to vary, suspend or terminate this offer and these terms and conditions at any time.