Fidelity Life makes a real difference for Canterbury mums and their new babies

4 April 2018

When deciding how to help mothers in need, breast pumps may not be at the top of your list but for some mums who struggle to breastfeed, pumps can help give their babies a good start to life.

That’s why Fidelity Life in conjunction with their adviser business partners were thrilled to have donated two new breast pumps, valued at $4,000 each, to the Canterbury District Health Board during a recent visit to the Child Health Service as part of a recent financial adviser conference.

Presenting the breast pumps to the Māia Health Foundation on behalf of the Child Health Service, Nadine Tereora, Fidelity Life CEO said: “The Child Health Service is perfectly aligned to what we believe in and we know these pumps will help make a real difference to the mothers that need them.”

Sudden weaning can be very distressing for both mother and baby so breast pumps play an important role as Lynne Johnson, Nursing Director at Christchurch Women’s Hospital, knows. “We are thrilled with this donation. It really helps mothers of small babies maintain their milk supply and that’s vital because breast milk is so important for these children.”

Breast pumps weren’t the only donation made by Fidelity Life on their recent visit. Dozens of soft toys were distributed to patients at Child Health Service like Elia Taylor (7) who was very happy to receive her cuddly Loppy bunny.

Elia Taylor and Fidelity Life's Chief Executive Officer, Nadine Tereora