Flooding Hardship Relief Offer - Wairoa and Heretaunga Ward in Hastings.

Flooding Hardship Relief Offer - Wairoa and Heretaunga Ward in Hastings.

Terms and conditions.

  1. The Hardship Offer applications are open to eligible Fidelity Life customers from 10-July 2024 until 30-September 2024 (inclusive).

  2. To be eligible for the Hardship Offer, customers:
    • a. Fidelity Life policy/ies must be active as at 26-June 2024;  
    • b. Policy/ies must have been in force for 12-months or more;
    • c. reason for the application must be due to direct financial hardship resulting from the flooding in the following areas:
      • Wairoa 
      • Heretaunga Ward in Hasting
    •    (included in the State of Emergency announcement on 26-June 2024);
    • d. Must have explored other financial support options available from Fidelity Life (i.e. payment plans/arrangements) in the first instance.

  3. Fidelity Life may request additional information from advisers or customers to support an application for the Hardship Offer. Fidelity Life at its sole discretion may decline an application if it reasonably believes that a customer does not meet the eligibility criteria.

  4. The Hardship Offer is not available for lapsed policies, or policies subject to cancellation requests.

  5. If an application is accepted, premiums can be waived for up to 3-months (Waiver Period) with the potential to extend for up to a further 3-months (inclusive of any existing arrears). Premiums due during the Waiver Period agreed will not need to be repaid when the Waiver Period ends.

  6. Regular premium payments are to recommence following the end of the agreed Waiver Period.

  7. No alterations will be allowed to the policy during the Waiver Period (except contractual increases, including Future Insurability and CPI increases).

  8. All decisions made in relation to the Hardship Offer will be final and made by Fidelity Life at its sole discretion.

  9. Fidelity Life reserves the right to discontinue or amend the eligibility criteria and/or Hardship Offer terms and conditions at any time.

  10. Claims can be made during the Waiver Period.

  11. Fidelity Life collects, holds and uses personal information a customer provides in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020 and its Privacy Statement.