Business expenses cover.

Business expenses cover.

It’s made to help you trade, and keep your business going.

What is Business expenses cover?

If you’re a sole trader, small business owner, or a partner in a business, you’ll know all too well how much money, time and energy goes into running it. But if you couldn't work because of illness or injury, how confident would you be that all that hard work would be protected, and your business could keep going? That’s where our Business expenses cover comes into its own.

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  • Entry age for the insured person is from age 16 to 59.
  • Provided you keep paying your premium, your insurance ends when the insured person reaches age 65.
  • You can pay fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.
  • You can choose to help protect your cover against inflation by having the amount you’re insured for increase each year.
  • The maximum monthly payout is $30,000 (subject to financial and medical assessment).
  • For the first year, all approved expenses are covered up to 100% of your monthly benefit – if you're still not able to work, it changes to 50% for the second year.
  • Premiums are age related, with payments fixed for one year at a time.
  • We always recommend chatting with an adviser about the right amount of cover for you.
Read our Business expenses cover customer brochure.

More about Business expenses cover.

  • What is it?
  • Why should you have it?
  • What’s the deal?
  • Anything else?

What is it?

If you can't work because of illness or injury, our Business expenses cover gives you a monthly payment (up to $30,000 per month) to cover a range of approved expenses for up to two years.

Why should you have it?

Accounting fees. Advertising costs. Insurance premiums. Bills. Vehicle costs. And even rent or mortgage interest (Take a look at the info sheet to see exactly what you’re covered for.) So even if you’re not working, your business still can.

What’s the deal?

You pay an amount of money (called a ‘premium’) for a policy. The policy is a contract so you know exactly what we’ll pay out for. As long as you keep paying for your insurance with us, and the policy terms and conditions have been met, we’ll pay out for everything we agreed.

Anything else?

We understand that even while you’re away from the business, the bills keep turning up. To help with these, if your claim is accepted during the waiting period, we will pay you an advance payment of 50% of the first month’s monthly benefit. This advance payment is deducted from your first month’s monthly benefit. After this payment, the monthly benefit will be paid in arrears.

Questions? Start here.

We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about this cover.
For a good overview of the ins and outs, it’s worth reading the info sheet.

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