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Insurance 101 toolkit.

Just starting out, or need a refresher?

Learn more about life insurance.

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Claims we’ve paid.

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Life can throw the unexpected at you. That's why you take out insurance. If the worst happens, you want to trust that you or your family will have the resources to deal with it. That trust is something we take seriously at Fidelity Life. Every day, we put all our effort into guiding customers like you through tough situations and getting insurance claims paid.

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Looking for life insurance?

Looking for life insurance and not sure where to start? Find out what types of cover might work for you.

Get started.

Who are you looking to protect?

What's your job status?

What's your living situation?

Any debts or mortgage you'd like taken care of if you died?

Any savings to get you by if you got sick or injured & had to stop working?

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What is life insurance?

Life insurance is designed to protect your family’s financial wellbeing.

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Why get life insurance?

Life insurance is like a financial safety net for your family.

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Types of life insurance.

Find out about the 4 main types of life insurance.

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Why premiums change.

Discover why premiums change with age and the cost of living.

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Life insurance.

Care when you’re not there. Life insurance (or assurance) to keep your loved ones looked after.

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Income protection.

Works when you can’t. Income protection helps cover bills, expenses, and more.

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Business expenses.

It’s made to help you trade, and keep your business going.

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Key person cover.

Business help when someone can’t be there to help.

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