How we ensure good conduct.

At Fidelity Life, we foster a culture of good conduct.  

Fidelity Life Code of Conduct. 

Our Code of Conduct guides our way of working with each other, advisers, customers, partners and all stakeholders. Our Code of Conduct standards are: 

Honesty and integrity.

We act with trust, integrity, and honesty by: 

  • Taking ownership, responsibility, and accountability for our actions.
  • Being open, honest, and transparent in all our interactions.
  • Protecting any confidential or personal information we handle.
  • Not acting in a way that could be thought of, or would result in, personal gain.
  • Being trustworthy.

We treat customers fairly by: 

  • Putting our customers first.
  • Following our Good Customer Outcomes Principles.
  • Taking action to put things right if needed.

We speak up and take action by: 

  • Being brave, speaking up and encouraging others to do the same.
  • Seeking to improve the way we work.
  • Taking action when things go wrong.

Ethical and professional.

We act ethically and professionally by: 

  • Being professional in all we do.
  • Remembering that we represent Fidelity Life and its reputation in everything we do, including information we share with others or post online.
  • Making decisions and behaving in a way that is socially responsible, community minded and committed to protecting and caring for the environment.
  • Completing all required training to ensure we understand and comply with all relevant laws, regulations, codes, policies, and procedures that apply to us and the work we do.

Inclusive and respectful.

We are inclusive and respectful by: 

  • Treating others with fairness and respect.
  • Celebrating and valuing diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Having no tolerance for discrimination.
  • Creating and fostering a healthy and safe work environment and supporting the wellness of our colleagues.
  • Working with others in a collaborative way.

FSC Code of Conduct. 

As a long-standing member of the Financial Services Council (FSC) we’re committed to complying with the FSC Code of Conduct. 

Our customers are at the heart of what we do. 

We’ve established 3 principles to guide our ways of working and serve the needs of our customers. Our people work to provide you with: