Fidelity Life has closed its range of investment products to new investment.

This means that these products (including the Fidelity Life portfolios and Gold Medal Plans) are not available to new investors; however existing members can continue to view unit prices and historical performance information.

For specific policy information on closed investment products please contact our client services team and quote your policy number.

Fidelity Super-Super Plan, Number 3 and UK Pension Transfers

On 1 April 2016, Booster Financial Services Limited (Booster) took responsibility for managing and running the Fidelity Super-Super Plan, Number 3 - a recognised overseas pension scheme capable of accepting UK pension transfers.

For more information about Booster and the Fidelity Super-Super Plan, Number 3 please visit their website.

The value of advice

When planning for the future, it's a great idea to talk to an expert and put a savings or investment plan in place.

Doing some groundwork with your Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA) will enable you to select a suitable investment option to assist in turning your goals into reality. An important part of this is matching the right investments to your situation and preferences. You'll need to identify your attitude to some key investment risks to determine your 'investor profile' and choose an appropriate strategy for you. Finally, your Authorised Financial Adviser will recommend a suitable product.

If you would like personalised advice and you do not currently have a financial adviser, please click here to have an Authorised Financial Adviser contact you.