Welcome to the countdown!


It's an exciting week for all of us at Fidelity Life as we gear up for the launch of our 3-2-1 Go! campaign. 

We’ve added three great enhancements to power up our competitiveness and ensure we meet our customers’ needs.

The campaign goes live to advisers on Friday 16th March (so keep it quiet until then!) and is supported by a range of print, digital and media resources.

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We’ve improved our waiting period conditions

We want to support customers to continue working if they can, so we’ve removed the requirement that the customer must be totally disabled for the first two weeks of their waiting period.

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We’ll pay the Total Disability Benefit fully in advance

We’ll now pay the monthly benefit fully in advance for total disability benefit, instead of paying only 50% in advance1. This makes it easier for customers to understand how much they’re getting paid, and when, so they can better plan their recovery.

1Does not apply to Business Expenses Cover.

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We’ve updated the Agreed Value replacement ratio

We’ve changed the calculation of the Agreed Value replacement ratio for new policies to bring us in to line with the market. This means our customers will be insured for a higher benefit in line with their income.

Ready for launch?

Test your knowledge on the enhancements and you'll go in the draw to get yourself powered up with free coffee for a week*.



*Closing Date 28 March 2018.