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Introducing Sharecare

There’s never been a better time to think about your health and wellbeing. 

That’s why we've teamed up with a leading global digital health company called Sharecare to bring their award-winning1 mobile app to New Zealand. 

Sharecare’s bursting with inspiration to help you defy your age and live a happier, healthier life. 

Whether pursuing goals like eating better, reducing stress, or managing a chronic condition, Sharecare supports you in taking control of your health.

And because you’re a valued Fidelity Life group customer, we’re giving you access to a broader range of functionality for free.  

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How to Register

  1. Register your details below: this confirms with Sharecare that you’ve been given access by Fidelity Life.
  2. Register for Sharecare: within two business days we’ll email you a link to register on Sharecare’s website. Fill in your details including your group policy number.
  3. Download the app: once you’ve registered, you’ll get a text message with a hyperlink to download the app (both Android and iOS versions are available). Or you can search in your phone’s app store for ‘Sharecare’ – just make sure you’ve completed Steps 1 and 2 above first.
  4. Start using Sharecare!

Once you’ve downloaded the app you’ll be able to take the RealAgeTM test - Sharecare’s clinically-validated health assessment - and get started on your personal health journey.

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Watch Video - Defy Your Age

How does Sharecare work?

The first step is to take the RealAge test which calculates your biological age based on your health and lifestyle, as opposed to what the calendar says.

Using your RealAge results and easily syncing with your wearables like Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit or Samsung Health, Sharecare provides tailored content, tools, challenges and rewards to help you change your behaviours and reduce your RealAge over time.

Data security and privacy is of paramount importance to both Fidelity Life and Sharecare. Sharecare’s philosophy is that you are in control of your data and the information you provide won’t be shared with third parties like Facebook or Google. 


Key features

 The key things you need to know

  • RealAge test

    The RealAge test is a confidential, clinically-validated health assessment that guides you through a series of questions designed to determine the physical age of your body – your RealAge - compared to your calendar age. 

  • Green Days

    Green Days are the ‘health currency’ that Sharecare uses to measure your progress towards a healthier life.  

    You’ll earn Green Days by tracking healthy habits in the app such as nutrition, steps, sleep, stress and more.  

    Each Green Day you earn counts towards a change in your RealAge. 

  • Challenges

    Our next Challenges start on 1 August! 

    Challenge 1 - Make your health a priority - achieve at least 20 Green Days by tracking your health including sleep, a healthy diet and regular physical activity and be in win one of four ‘My Choice’ bags from My Food Bag*

    Challenge 2 - Walk into winter - track your steps every day and be in to win a Fitbit Versa 2, valued at $359.95*

    Go to the ‘Achieve’ tab in your app to join a Challenge now! 

    *To check your eligibility for entry to the prize competitions and to understand the terms and conditions please visit fidelitylife.co.nz/corporate-legal/SC-Terms


Bringing Sharecare to life

Check out the videos below

  • Meet Maria

    Follow busy working mum Maria as she discovers her RealAge, tracks her behaviours and earns Green Days – and rewards - for making healthy choices.

  • RealAge Test

    How old are you really...? Sharecare's RealAge test is a scientifically based assessment that shows the true age of your body, based on your behaviours and existing conditions. Check out our RealAge video now.

  • Challenges

    Having trouble staying motivated to achieve your health goals? Check out Challenges.

  • Timeline

    Your timeline brings you topics tailored to you based on your RealAge responses. Watch Timelines now.

  • Trackers

    Start living in the Green with Sharecare's Trackers. Want to find out more about Green Days? Watch now.


  • Inspirations

    Inspirations offers high quality video content for stress reduction, and ambient white noise for sleep and relaxation. Check it out now.


Check out this step by step guide to help you get the most out of Sharecare.

For sign up help follow the step-by-step registration and download instructions.

For help with using Sharecare, login to Sharecare online or open Settings > Support on your app for:


General FAQs

Check out these FAQs for all those burning questions about Fidelity Life, Sharecare and how we keep your personal info safe.


1 https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/sharecare-honored-by-appy-awards-and-digital-health-awards-for-industry-leading-digital-health-and-virtual-reality-platforms-300881051.html

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