How does it work?

Sharecare’s wellness tools and resources are accessible whenever and wherever you want via the app. It’s designed to give you customised support to help achieve your specific health goals. The key components include:

  • RealAge test: Take this fifteen-minute online health assessment to discover your body’s true age compared to your calendar age.
  • Trackers: You can connect wearable devices to monitor daily habits like sleep, steps, nutrition and more, or you can self-track the information manually directly in the app.
  • Personal Health Timeline: Receive tailored recommendations, content and services based on your RealAge results.
  • Specialised Programs: Take advantage of the RealAge program and the Financial Health program all from the app.

In time we’ll also look to activate the Health Profile: Access your important health data like biometric information, vaccine history, lab results and medications all in one place.