What is it that advisers don’t get about insurance companies?

  • Part played by / influence of reinsurers
  • Capital requirements
  • Mix between price & product
  • Profitability
  • Long term affordability
  • Competitiveness of new business VS ongoing premium
  • Don’t understand you have to make a profit
  • Business Partnership
  • Claims paying ability - A/B ratings “are they safe?”
  • Reinsurance challenges
  • Product development cycle + inputs / time to market
  • How do we disrupt rating house game!
  • Simplification vs complexity
  • Are we going back to the future?


Fidelity Life comments:

Based on your feedback, we need to provide more information, more frequently, about how our business operates and the pressure points that we encounter at different times.  Hopefully this will provide you with a bit more context as to why things happen and certain decisions are made. We will factor this into our plans for engaging you as noted in Question 1 above.