What do we need to do collectively to protect more Kiwis?

  • Affordable product / service to reach more Kiwis
    • Relevant to Kiwi needs
  • More advisers to talk to more people
  • Do best we can with all clients / customers whether C or D clients, they may become your / our As & Bs
  • Knowledge – education
    • About how insurance works
  • De-mystify ACC role
  • Better options for insuring kids (future insurability)
  • Better promotion of Group Life including field support
  • Marketing what we do


Fidelity Life comments:

We can collectively do more to improve the education of the public and to immerse ourselves in the community. We can start to break down the barriers and myths about insurance and improve financial literacy through our education system and local communities.

We will continue to be part of the conversation in sponsorships and events and the promotion of the industry/profession in any forum we are a part of.

Feel free to talk to us about specific initiatives.