Other new applications or adding cover to an existing policy

We pride ourselves on our robust underwriting process and to date we haven’t put any broad, mandatory exclusions in place. However in order to prudently manage our risks in relation to Covid-19 we’re making some small changes.

  • Due to the recently introduced travel restrictions, new applications for customers who have any overseas travel planned will require greater underwriting consideration. We’ll consider each case individually and may choose to place an endorsement on your policy, or postpone cover until the travel has taken place (and any required self-isolation has finished).
  • Starting from 18 March 2020 we’ll be asking customers to complete a Covid-19 supplementary questionnaire. The questionnaire needs to be returned along with your application forms, or we can complete it with you over the phone.
  • On a case by case basis we may also ask a few more questions than usual, including about occupation, industry and medical conditions.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation closely in partnership with our reinsurers – and we’ll let you know about future changes as they happen.