Helping you through

Our job is to help people through their toughest times. Paying claims is what it’s all about, and that’s what we want to do.

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We’re in the business of paying claims. We want to pay them.

Help means different things to different people. If you ever need our help, we’ll strive to ensure you get one dedicated person to see your claim through and look for solutions that work for you.

We’ve selected every member of our claims team based on their ability to relate to you. We’re all passionate about what we do and we’re here to help you protect your way of life.

If you need to call on us, chances are things have gotten difficult in one way or another.

Our claims team are listeners first. They make sure they understand your situation and they have the ability to give you a response quickly and accurately. Your policy might have more benefits than you know.

Your adviser will work closely with us.

Should you need to make a claim you and your adviser are able to work closely with us to see what benefits may be available to you. And that’s not always just a lump sum, if there are other ways your policies can get you on your feet again faster, your adviser and our claims team can help you find them.

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"We’re in the business of paying claims. We want to pay them."

Reeta Anthony Head of Claims