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Frances' story

It's fair to say that some people just don't see the need for life insurance. But don’t suggest that to Waihi resident Frances Flaherty.

"I get quite perturbed when friends of all ages tell me very wisely, or so they think, that they won't need life insurance when they're no longer here. At a time of family distress, not having to think about the immediate access to funds, large or small, is a true blessing and relief."

Having had to face tragic life events, Mrs Flaherty can speak from experience when it comes to the benefits of planning for the future.

Sadly Frances Flaherty was just a young mother of two small children when her husband tragically passed away.

She had two young sons to think about, and the future suddenly looked very different without her husband.

Fortunately though the young couple had had the foresight to take out life insurance.

Looking back, she says her future and that of her children would have been extremely different without the life insurance policy in place.

"I've been a firm believer in life insurance from that time. If it hadn't been for the policy being in place back then in 1977, my financial existence and future would have been severely compromised, along with that of my two young children."

She rebuilt a life for herself and her children, and eventually remarried.

Sadly, tragedy would strike again and many years later Mrs Flaherty's second husband suffered a stroke which would leave him unwell for the next four and a half years.

When he passed away, she called Fidelity Life for assistance.

"I was extremely fraught at the time after John's long illness from a crippling stroke. I contacted them and could not believe how empathetically I was treated and the speed with which my request for funds was enabled. Within 24 hours the claim was actioned and deposited in my bank account."

And for those who might think they don't need life insurance? Talk to Frances, and you might just think again.

"Lightning can strike twice and from my experience, I can truly say life insurance is life-changing."

Photo: Mrs Frances Flaherty and her son Brent Woolston