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You may have organised insurance cover for yourself, and perhaps for your partner, but have you considered insurance for your children?

There are a number of children’s insurance covers which can be added to your policy.  Children’s life cover is available from the age of 10, as is trauma insurance which enables a one-off lump sum payment for a number of critical illnesses and conditions.

Another option is children’s future insurability option, which is available for children up to and including the age of 15, securing their future ability to take out life insurance.

This future insurability option means you can have your child pre-approved now and as soon as they turn a specified age or a specific event happens (such as getting married), you have the one-time option to take out life insurance cover for that child, which will be issued at standard premiums.

Daniel's story shows how it can help your children in the future.

Daniel’s parents chose to take out children’s future insurability option for Daniel when he was 11 years old.  A full health assessment was undertaken at the time and the option was issued.

This simply meant that for $1 per month, Daniel’s parents had locked in the option for him to take out life insurance when he got married.

When Daniel was 15, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, which may have impacted his ability to get life insurance in the future.  But because his parents had locked in the child’s future insurability option, he could still take up life insurance at the nominated age or with a specific event (like getting married) and for the pre-determined premium, which would otherwise have been impacted by his diabetes.

Most importantly, the process for Daniel to take up life insurance was simple.  There was no requirement to provide any medical, occupation, pastime or financial information.

His parents’ foresight had protected the future for Daniel, his new wife, and any future family.

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This story has been adapted from a real-life claim to illustrate product benefits.

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