Shining a light on domestic abuse

Statistics show that every five minutes the New Zealand Police are called to a domestic abuse incident, while half of all violent crime is family violence. [Source] Undoubtedly there is a huge problem in this country.

To help us get a better understanding of the full extent of the issue, Fidelity Life invited Shine NZ to come into our Auckland office and talk to staff about what they’re doing to tackle this problem.

"Domestic abuse is found in all socio-economic groups, all cultures, at all stages of life – and it is at epidemic proportions in New Zealand," says Shine NZ’s Client Services Director, Jill Proudfoot.

"Every year, Shine directly helps thousands of adult and child victims of domestic abuse to be safe, and we motivate hundreds of men that hurt their families to change their behaviour."

One of the most important things we heard about was the numerous services that Shine provides, including KIDshine, a service helping children directly who have been exposed to serious abuse and No Excuses, a men’s stopping violence programme.

One father who completed the No Excuses men’s programme told Shine: "I learned how special my partner and son are to me, and how to take steps to stop being controlling and abusive. I also learned how to take time out and sort out tough situations with my partner."

Shine is New Zealand’s leading provider of services working to stop domestic abuse. Since 1990, Shine has been helping women, children and men get out of the cycle of family violence and give them the chance of a better, happier, safer future.

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