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Owl to a good cause

If the thought of enormous 1.65m-tall birds landing in your neighbourhood puts you in a flap, don’t worry – they’re here to help.

At tough times – and there’s little tougher than watching your child battle serious illness – we all need a little help, and something to remind us of life’s lighter side. That’s why we’re getting behind the Haier Big Hoot, a fun event that will raise funds for Child Cancer Foundation, giving vital support to Kiwi children with cancer and their families.

The Haier Big Hoot will run for nine weeks from March 3, 2018. Painted owls will appear all over town to surprise and delight unsuspecting members of the community, featuring work by schoolchildren as well as professional artists such as the renowned Dick Frizzell and Flox. At the end of the trail, the owls will be auctioned to fundraise for Child Cancer Foundation.

More than three Kiwi kids a week are diagnosed with cancer1. At any given time, Child Cancer Foundation is supporting around 1,700 families with everything from counselling to help with groceries and travel to hospital. This year, Child Cancer Foundation’s 40th anniversary, they’ll have help from some feathered friends.

“Owls are known as symbols of wisdom and in Māori tradition the ruru (morepork) is recognised as a watchful guardian, which we thought aligned well with the work Child Cancer Foundation does to support families,” says Haier Big Hoot project manager Milly Hemsley.

“The owls that have been produced are exceptional and we encourage everyone to get out and take in the scale, detail and vibrancy of each design in person.”

Fidelity Life is sponsoring the Farewell Event at the Aotea Centre from 25-27 May, where you’ll get the chance to see the parliament of owls all together. Meanwhile, we have five cuddly versions to give away!


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