Did you know?

Did you know: Trauma Multi insurance

Trauma Multi – Standalone is an affordable cover that can allow claims for up to five different and unrelated trauma events, each paying up to 20% of the total sum insured.

Part of the ‘Trauma Multi’ range, this cover is available separate to life cover making it an attractive option to consider if you already have existing life cover or don’t require life cover. Traditionally trauma insurance sees a lump sum paid when a health trauma occurs. New trauma cover can be taken out after a claim, but a full health review is required. This is often influenced by the illness suffered, therefore affecting your ability to get additional insurance cover.

Trauma Multi – Standalone gives confidence that separate payouts will be made in the event of multiple unrelated health traumas. The customer is paid out set portions of the total sum insured amount, giving greater certainty for future cover. As well as the new Standalone cover, our Trauma range offers several options to suit differing needs including Trauma Multi – Accelerated and the standard Trauma alternative.

For more information about trauma insurance please contact your financial adviser or call Fidelity Life on 0800 88 22 88.