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Did you know: Life insurance 101

If you're thinking about taking out life insurance, the decision-making process can seem incredibly daunting – particularly if it is the first time you've thought about getting insurance cover at all. 

Fidelity Life believes a financial adviser should always be your first stop for insurance information and advice; however, there are some good places to go if you're looking to find out more about insurance and why it's important.

Life-Info is an independent not-for-profit initiative which looks to help Kiwis understand more about the importance of having life insurance, through information, facts and education. The site looks at how and why you should consider insurance, whether you're single, a new couple or a family, as well as making insurance terms easier to understand through a simple glossary.

If you're thinking about getting insurance online, be sure to read their 7 Mistakes People Make When Buying Insurance.

Fidelity Life is proud to be a founding supporter of this initiative, and believes in the importance of all New Zealanders having the information and tools they need to ensure that they and their loved ones are protected.

Disclaimer: The information published here is not financial advice. At Fidelity Life, we try hard to make the information we publish accurate and helpful to you, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy and we aren’t liable for any action you take as a result. 

At Fidelity Life we believe strongly that financial advice should be tailored to your needs, and that you should get your advice from a professional financial adviser (which we are not). We can help you find a financial adviser in your area if you would like advice.