Personal Insurance

There are many risks you face during your lifetime, but the most serious ones you will face are death, disability and serious illness. These can happen at any time and when it does it can be a traumatic time for everyone. The last thing you want to worry about is money.

Fidelity Life's personal insurance range is designed to help take care of your family when you can't and give you the confidence to live the life you want to live - knowing you've made plans to secure your family's future.

Your key assets are more than just your material possessions such as a house, car or business. They also include your ability to earn an income and provide security and financial independence.

If your earning potential was interrupted due to death or disability these are some of the major costs you could face:

  • Mounting debts to cover medical costs
  • Forced sale of family home
  • Eroded savings as cash is used to meet living expenses

Fidelity Life's personal insurance range of Life, Trauma, Income Protection and Total & Permanent Disability insurances are designed to assist you when these events occur and provide financial support to meet on-going financial obligations if you die or are no longer able to work. With the help of your Financial Adviser you can decide what cover is best for you. If you would like to get some advice please call us on 0800 88 22 88 or fill out our online form for a Financial Adviser in your area to contact you.