Fidelity Life Investment Returns

Investment Returns 31 May 2017

Fidelity Life Portfolios

For the period ended 31 May 2017

The information below relates to the Fidelity Life portfolios only.(Life Bonds, Annuity Bonds, Power Saver Plans and Gold Medal (non-superannuation) Plans)****

PortfolioPortfolio Size ($m)Unit Price MonthQuarterYearAverage Return Over
3 Years
(% p.a.)
5 Years
(% p.a.)
10 years
(% p.a.)
Conservative 92.61 4.4760 1.05%1.65%3.03%5.39%5.58%4.38%
Balanced 25.33 4.3285 1.29%2.67%5.26%6.32%7.39%4.15%
Ethical ** 0.41 3.1261 -1.62%1.73%0.58%7.64%8.33%n.a.
Growth 9.69 4.1575 1.41%3.44%7.32%7.62%9.21%3.60%
Aggressive 2.15 3.4450 0.45%4.56%5.63%9.60%10.57%3.20%
Cash 0.91 3.2600 0.07%0.23%1.00%1.45%1.54%2.18%
Mortgage * 1.63 4.0665 0.24%0.68%2.50%3.58%3.37%3.62%
NZ Fixed Interest * 0.74 3.9899 0.76%1.58%2.09%3.56%3.22%3.64%
Options 21.02 4.6144 0.56%1.66%-0.20%4.80%6.29%5.32%
Property * 1.54 4.9528 0.20%0.56%2.28%6.84%8.49%5.90%
NZ Shares 3.98 6.0939 -0.24%4.07%3.86%10.14%11.94%3.69%
International Investments 21.10 2.4120 2.21%4.75%11.80%7.91%10.29%1.57%
The returns shown are net of investment management fees, fund management fees, performance fees paid to external fund managers (if applicable), expenses and tax. The returns shown do not allow for charges for administration to individual accounts (initial charges, service fees, withdrawal charges, switching fees or withdrawal fees).

* Closed from 1 July 2009
** Closed from 1 December 2013

*** The Options Portfolio is geared through the use of put and call options. Due to this gearing, a relatively small movement in the market price of the underlying investment may result in a disproportionately large profit or loss to the Options Portfolio. The Options Portfolio has a high risk profile and is subject to significant volatility. The Options Portfolio uses gearing and derivatives (options contracts) that could enhance any returns or generate substantial losses. For example, during August 2011, the unit price of the Options Portfolio dropped 28% over a one-week period.

****Fidelity Super-Super Plan, Number 3 and UK Pension Transfers. On 1 April 2016, Booster Financial Services Limited (Booster) took responsibility for managing and running the Fidelity Super-Super Plan, Number 3 - a recognised overseas pension scheme capable of accepting UK pension transfers. For more information about Booster and the Fidelity Super-Super Plan, Number 3 please visit their website.


1. Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance.
2. Returns assume funds invested at the beginning of the period, with no subsequent contributions or withdrawals.
3. For Plans that commenced prior to 1 July 2009: There are no withdrawal fees on Life Bonds. On Power Saver/Super Plans there is an alteration fee of $60 per withdrawal if there is more than one withdrawal in a financial year. For other plans the fee on withdrawal is 5% reduced by 1% p.a. in the four years prior to the maturity date plus an alteration fee of $60 per withdrawal.
4. For Plans that commenced after 30 June 2009: There is an alteration fee of $60 per withdrawal if there is more than one withdrawal in a financial year.
5. The current rate of tax for life insurance companies is 28%. The rate and basis of taxation may change.
6. Diversified portfolios (Conservative, Balanced and Growth) invest in single sector pools. These indirect investments are excluded from the portfolio size of the single sectors.
7. A Fidelity Life Investment Statement is available free of charge from your authorised financial adviser or from Fidelity Life.


Fidelity Life Portfolios - Asset Splits

For the period ended 31 May 2017

Asset classConservative PortfolioBalanced Portfolio*Ethical PortfolioGrowth PortfolioAggressive Portfolio
NZ fixed interest35.00%30.00%25.55%7.50%n.a
Cash & short term assets17.50%2.50%13.90%2.50%n.a
NZ & Australian shares 10.00%15.00%24.20%20.00%24.57%
International shares10.00%30.00%26.25%50.00%52.50%
International fixed interest20.00%15.00%1.40%10.00%n.a

* The Ethical Portfolio was closed on 1 December 2013


Dated 02 Jun 2017