Key Person Insurance

Having a key person like a director or shareholder fall seriously ill or be seriously injured can have a devastating effect on a small to medium sized business where one or two people may be key revenue generators. Our Key Person and Rural Key Person Cover provide essential revenue replacement to a business if a key person is disabled.

Key Person and Rural Key Person Cover will pay a business an agreed monthly benefit for a set period if a key person is disabled because of a continuing sickness or injury.

Why your business needs it:

  • In small to medium sized businesses or partnership, one or two people may be key revenue generators.
  • The survival of that business may be at stake if they are unable to work and hence generate revenue.
  • Key Person Cover gives the business time to recover and/or put in place appropriate measures to keep it running.

Who is a key person?

A key person is someone in the business responsible for generating business income. It may also apply to an individual whose loss has a significant operational impact as opposed to business income, e.g. CEO, Financial Controller.

For more information about our Key Person insurance benefits for Key Person Cover please see our product fact sheet and policy wording below:

Our Key Person Insurance products

Our key person insurance product fact sheets

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