nib and Fidelity Life working in partnership

Fidelity Life and nib are joining forces to enable Financial Advisers to offer life and health insurance products to clients.

The new alliance between nib, New Zealand's second largest health insurer and Fidelity Life, the country's third largest life insurer, marks the first time two key players in the insurance sector have combined forces to offer bundled products from across complementary product ranges.

nib CEO Rob Hennin said the partnership offers advisers an unprecedented breadth of options and reflects their intent to grow the insurance market by providing consumers with real choice and flexibility to meet their individual needs.

"This is a formidable partnership which brings together the top rated products across the personal insurance sector," said Mr Hennin, "Financial advisers can now bundle together the highly rated health insurance and life insurance products at an extremely competitive price. It's a game changer for adviser businesses and another win for consumers."

"Both organisations bring considerable experience and specialist knowledge to the partnership," adds Fidelity Life CEO, Milton Jennings. "nib has shaken up the health market recently with its innovative new health products and Fidelity Life has long been leading the way for life cover. This new alliance signals an exciting progression for the industry and we're excited to partner with nib to deliver customers an attractive combined insurance offering."

nib has recently announced a new range of adviser-only products, Ultimate Health™ and Ultimate Health Max™, that have attracted top ratings from two independent insurance rating houses QPR/Quotemonster and Strategy. The new range includes an add-on proactive health option that provides cover for a range of health checks and health and well-being programmes without the need for referrals.

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About nib

nib was launched in New Zealand in October 2013 after the Australian-based health insurer purchased Tower Medical Insurance in November 2012. Based in Auckland, the company is New Zealand's second largest health insurer, currently providing cover to almost 160,000 people across New Zealand.